Microsoft SharePoint has changed a lot over the years, starting as a simple web based document storage portal.  Microsoft SharePoint technology now deals with many different areas including content management, organisation portals, integrated application solutions, enterprise search and more.  Today, users all around the world use SharePoint to perform any number of different tasks from the creation, co-authoring and management of their documents, to maintaining lists, calendars and interact with operational or administrative tasks at any level.

Microsoft SharePoint technology when deployed on-premise, in the cloud (Office 365) or as an application (Azure), can supply an organisation with the ability to create and manage their content through customised user interfaces incorporating company colours, to connect and display content from other line of business applications securely, and to create amazing enterprise search applications to bring content from all over their deployment together for users to interact with.

The uses of SharePoint are many, and over the years Sharing Minds has worked on almost every type of SharePoint solution style available. Below are a number of the common SharePoint functions we get to talk to our clients about:

Document Management
Central and versioned spaces where users can securely create, disseminate, manage and archive their information and have access to the templates they need, when they need them.

Web Content Management
Create web pages once for multiple locations, languages, and display purposes.  Organisations are using SharePoint to ensure their content is right for the user.

Application Portal
Microsoft SharePoint provides the ability for organisations to integrate their Line of Business (LoB) applications to give their users one location to find everything they need.

Enterprise Search Application

Using the strength of the Microsoft SharePoint Search Engine, it is possible to create rich and functional search applications that can combine information together in specific sets and outcomes to make it easier for your organisation to produce results.

Functional Platform

The great thing about Microsoft SharePoint is that it can also be used as a functional platform capable of hosting other solutions and applications.

If your organisation is looking at Microsoft SharePoint for these or any other reason, it is important to build the right team and build relationships with the right partners to ensure your SharePoint project is a success.

If you would like to know more about Microsoft SharePoint or how to make sure your SharePoint project is a success, please get in touch with us.


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